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We're a London based production company that makes high-quality short form content for a wide range of organizations, from charities to publishers, financial institutions to software giants. We work across styles - documentary, drama, animation - and directly with clients or through agencies. But most importantly we always make films that bring to life to our client's message in the most innovative and dynamic way possible. Have a look at our videos and you'll see what we mean.

Guy Hocking loves untying the knotty problem of a new brief and finding the nub of the idea. As well as directing films, he formulates original ideas and writes scripts, working both with advertising agencies and directly with clients.

Adam Thorpe is Mr Money, squeezing budgets for all they are worth, wringing out the best value and always giving clients more than they expect. He is that rare thing - a producer who would rather the client spent money wisely than generously.

Adam & Guy have been collaborating for over 20 years from their first short film shot together on Super-8 starring the now Hollywood hunk Gerald Butler.